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Cookie Policy

Updated 22/5/2018

In order to optimise your experience on our websites (by understanding what is working and what is not) we install cookies that are created by Google Analytics and Visitor Analytics. Cookies are used by the vast majority of websites and are small files which are stored on a user's browser / computer that allow us to understand the following:


  • How many users visit our websites

  • What pages they look at

  • What our websites bounce rates are

  • How long users spend on our websites

  • Where they are located (based on their IP address)

  • What browsers they use to view our websites

  • What devices they use to view our websites

  • Where they found our websites

  • If they are a G-Mail user we can also gain an overview of their demographic and interests

We do NOT capture any specific personal details such as names, physical addresses and phone numbers.

The above information is only stored within Google Analytics or Visitor Analytics platforms and is held for a maximum of 14 months before it is deleted.

Please click here if you would like to learn more about cookies. You can opt out of Google Analytics monitoring by following this link 

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